NetEase Games (a division of NetEase headquartered in Guangzhou, China) was founded in 2001 with the goal of becoming the top global publisher and developer. Over the years, our love of games translated to success. Developing and releasing mega-hit mobile products like Fantasy Westward Journey, partnering in 2008 to publish Blizzard’s games and working with Mojang to launch Minecraft: Pocket Edition in Asia really put NetEase on the map in the gaming arena. Year after year since, the company has continued to release successful mobile products and today NetEase Games is ranked No. 3 on App Annie’s  Annual List of the Top 52 Highest Earnings Publishers in the world for iOS and Google Play Stores in 2016 (up six spots from No. 9 in 2015).

To continue the march of success, NetEase established the North America studio in 2014. NetEase NA is committed to hiring the best talent out there to uphold the quality entertainment NetEase China has become famous for.  We bring together ambitious groups of engineers, artists, designers, analysts and communication experts to leverage their expertise and create immersive interactive experiences. For us, they are not just games, nor are they simply products, a business, or a job. Game are our passion. Our aim is to give something great to gamers worldwide, for we are players ourselves…and we hope that comes across in everything that we do!